Nothingilistic talks about “Smarter superman”

Smarter superman” was the first song I made a video for off ” The Home Guide To Channeling ” album. The albums songs concentrated on themes of conspiracy and smarter superman was central to that. Written in first person , the narrator spoke of figuring out the psychology of mankind in order to manipulate people to allow themselves to be feed on by corporations and governments.
The video was my first. I borrowed a camera , and did nothing for about a week. I had no experience film making, was camera shy and knew nothing of how to lipsnyc a video.
At that point I dived into the deep end…

       I want to know how you think, read your mind anticipate your needs and though you may not notice, you’ve been hypnotized and I’ve already planted the a seed i just want inside your head to work the levers and figure out the key to isolate and separate your soul from yourself and your self away from me.

     understand motivation the psychology of the modern man manipulate situations to hide the truth in the palm of the other hand. sex and logic go hand in hand, twist the words so your mind don’t understand. off balance in a cruel game of hid and seek your soul

no no no, I’m pulling the strings while your mind is on other things.
no no no, i figured you out filled your mind with fear and doubt.
no no no, scared you to death, take it all till there’s nothing left.
no no no, you don’t understand cause I’m a smarter superman


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