Nothingilistic talks about the song “Larry King vs. Bill Nye

Larry king vs. Bill Nye ” was the next video I attempted . At this point  I was developing a unhealthy relationship with my borrowed camera. It was also the first time of the semi-illegal nite shoots , often lasting to four .am.
The song was the first written for the album   “the home guide to channeling” but true to form, appeared last in the tracks. I wrote after watching Bill Nye appear on Larry king as the skeptic to a area 51story. The whole thing seemed surreal to me . Aliens , UFOs , military conspiracies and…Bill Nye  … you know… the science guy.

Larry king staring right back at me , live on CNN or some affiliate station. he stares me down quite seriously, glasses in place , reptilianly. “Hello caller, its Larry king here, live, stay tuned ,well take a short break.”as my mind settles in for a talk about some new book or some scandal or two. “today’s topic well it UFOs landing or crashing i say, in some little place some place out of the way and my guest tonight is someone who will talk to me about a cover up or a government agency”. hold on, hey, it must be Bill Nye, you know the science guy,debunking the widow who claims legit about the UFOs and her fathers bid to cover up, nice and tight and clean, glossed over by the spin machine.Larry king talks about the real thing but not Bill Nye, the science guy.Larry king makes me want to dance and sing but not Bill Nye, the science guy. he was wearing his bow tie and he was suited well, for a guy his age ,as far as i could tell, but bill Nye ,well he was sweating bullets , i wonder how much he was getting paid to muddy the waters to distract the public from the obvious truth, to trick and to ruse. “nothing is proved”he said to the widow as she related her story from her fathers death bed.disrespectful and under dressed ,his spin fell off like a plate on a he broke into a nervous smile, even Larry king interrupted his flow and cut him off from his disinformation . cause it was his show and he was king , if you know what i mean.
Larry king vs. Bill Nye


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