Nothingilistic talks about the song “you have to see it to believe it”

You have to see it to believe it ” was the second video I made from
The Home Guide To Channeling “album.
It was the first song on the album but the last in the conspiracy story. The song was about how the truth was often between right and wrong  , good and bad , and how these opposites helped one another to enable us to evolve ourselves and resolve our inner issues. Euphoric feelings appear when we realize everything has a purpose and that darkness makes light shine brighter
As for the video , I journeyed outside this time and embraced every random thought , every synchronized event and basically ran and jumped like hell…

I  know for a fact ,at least i thought i knew the things that i lack, for every mood there was a seasonal that could be attributed to viral attack. ok ok.
i didn’t know then, that my security would come to a end, my personalty has started to bend and what i thought i knew i didn’t know then. ok.ok.
i asked for the truth i didn’t think that id be pulling the roots that undermine all my daily pursuits and contradict all my literal truths.

if my friends could see me now you will believe it when you see it. how i made the change and how, you have to see it to believe it.

innocence lost in the game and in my defense wasn’t the same but i know where it went, to tell the truth i feel better this way.but now things have changed, I’m recognizing all the people to blame and realizing that’s its always the same the yin and yang on a physical plane.


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