Teach me to win….

“Teach me to win “is the intro song to the conspiracy story . The part where people lead their lives unconsciously competing with other people to achieve a imaginary happiness. Religion , government , jobs , education , all give the promise. Our parents , teachers and priests , ensure us its around the corner. After all hope is the best motivator .So the CD starts there. Someone , anyone..”teach me to win”.

The video here was a first attempt at a concept…even if you feel your way in the dark you can travel quite a distance…


i walk around in confusion, i never make it so, the 5 senses around my head always let me know.its a slight contradiction , always a cruel game, and with slight contradictions, i think ill be OK.it didn’t work for my parents to give it up for the team. it didn’t work for the hippies they couldn’t stay very clean.and with slight trepidation i came into this world.and if i hadn’t been lucky , i wouldn’t have gotten the girl.
I’m all mixed up, what has happened to me.Ive been set up, i just want to be free. oh no i cant explain the condition I’m in. educate or elevate, teach me to win.
now I’m reaching for glory as i turn on the big game.i never fear or i worry there’s always someone to blame. it’s a mater of self preservation, living up to the ideal,and though i have no conviction i try to numb what i feel.




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