The vampire inside me ….

As I was reading new age books I came across many that believed vampires were real. Some thought of them as a alien race feeding off the energy and sometimes blood of humanity. Well one has never knocked on my door , but as a song writer it posts a very interesting scenario. If vampires are real,  how do they feel? So the song is a narrative of a vampire relating his fear and arrogance.
After all the biggest fear of the hunter is to be “seen”.

I was still cutting my teeth with the process of video making , but night time shoots seemed appropriate for vampires.

I’m lying here with my secrets . i lay awake and i stare . i built a fortress of lies and deceit . i pulled it out of thin air.but i can’t predict the future i can only change the past and what you know. but even that is temporary you never know when the truth is gonna show.

so i remain quite nameless with my hidden identity and your all so faceless and unaware of reality so i double all my efforts to keep the things i fought so hard to get, but everything is changing and I’m amazed you haven’t caught on yet.

i hide away where the sun cant reach me
wait at your door till you let me in
you fall asleep in the bed beside me
cry out loud as my teeth sink through your skin
it’s the vampire in me and the hunger always wins

now just sand in my fingers, i thought i had it all .one hand on the population the other building a wall.but you cant rest on your laurels, you cant sit still cause things can always change . one day your a royal the next day it can all just slip away.



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