That changes everything.

This song had a duel concept .The first part if the song describes the mystery and beauty of UFO’s. The second part is about the experience of channeling and its effect on awakening the mind. Imagine  some advance life form or spirit from another realm  , revealing to you the truth about life. Real or not , it is a powerful transformation .

The video was made in a beautiful garden. It is a wonder how much beauty we can make.


Suspended in your levitation
a marvel impressed in the sky
with little or no hesitation
you’re gone in the wink of an eye
and though they never do notice
you travel at speeds overhead
you’re watching me as I’m watching you
I pick up your sounds in my head
they’re calling me out
you don’t see the lair of a serpent
or just how the venom is spread
the bars of gold in a guided cage
or just how emotions are bled
I focus on my intention
a rock that falls in a stream
the current my try and push me
but the stone continues to sink

they words that you said
show me reality instead
of all the crap I’m being fed
and that… that changes everything
your vision and your sound
just keeps me turning me round and round
to all the mysteries that I found
and that… that changes everything
the effort that you made
old ideas start to fade
and once was lost was now being saved
and that… that changes everything
enlightenment I found made my head turn round and round
and my world turned upside down
and that… that changes everything



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